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Meet Aman

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering

  • Featured in multiple newspapers such as the Gujarat Today and Divya Bhaskhar

  • Awarded numerous times for his accomplishments

Meet Tanveera

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelors in Architecture

  • On a scholership to Nirma University

  • Dreams of pursuing a Masters in Architecture

Meet Saima

  • Daughter of a Rickshaw Driver

  • Excelled in 12th grade science

  • Now pursuing a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS)

Meet Aliya

  • Received Gold medal award and Certificate of Excellence for receving highest marks on the Second Year MBBS Examination

Meet Aliza

  • Received certificates for excelling in the following competitions in 6th grade:

  • - National Science Olympiad
    - Essay writing
    - Painting
    - Patriotic song

Meet Mantasha

  • Excelled 10th grade standard with flying colors

  • Dreams of becoming a cardiologist and giving back to the community

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Written Testimonials

“I completed my B.Pharm from Nirma University with 8.49 PPI out of 10 (i.e. 79.9%). First with Distinction. I am very, very thankful to your institute ( Pennies for Education & Health) because of people who associated with it helpful me economically as well as they provided better guidance for my best career. Due to them I make my study very easy and I got best result. I will think for further study like M. Pharm but after my father death (in 2009) I am thinking for a job because there is no earning member except me now a days. My interview will be held on 16th June at Alembic Ltd., Vadodara through college. I again very very thankful to your institute and in future I will serve like you for those students who are economically weak. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!”
- Happy Student

“Thank you so much for your help regarding my PhD. It’s so nice of you to show interest in the problems faced by needy students like us. My PhD work is in the field of microbiology, and it basically deals with metagenomics and metabolomics. I was really in need of your help as I have to live away from my home, in Vidyanagar. As I have to stay here for study, there were many expenses from studying to living here. Because of your help I am able to cope up with these. Thanks for all such support. I am indebted to you and will try to prove myself up to your expectations. Thank you very much.”

- Happy Student

“I am thankful to you for helping me financially in completion of my studies last year. My review paper is published in an International Journal (Reviews in Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology) and other two are in process of publication. Last year I had attended and participated in two national conferences and one state level science program. In first semester of my course work I was first in my department and University with 9.0 points. Last semester results will be declared very soon. I hope that you will help me this year also. I am going to register for Ph.D. Waiting for your reply. Thanking You.”

- Happy Student

“I am very glad to inform you, that I had passed my M. Sc final with 65% marks. I am very much thankful to you for giving me financial support. My father does electrical repairing work and my mother is a housewife. We are four brothers and sisters. My brothers are studying in school and my sister is in college. So it is not possible for my father, who is the only source of income of our family, to pay for my further studies. I want to do M. Phil (microbiology). During my M. Phil work I want to study about “Textile dye bio-degradation” which I hope will help to decrease the problem of pollution caused by the release of textile industry waste water. So I hope that you will help me this time also to complete my M.Phil. Thank you once again for supporting me in such a critical situation and helping me to complete my M.Sc.”

- Happy Student
“I am student of M.Sc.(CA and IT). I am too much thankful of your kind help. I have passed my third year with 69.5 %. Currently, I am studying in fourth year. I have also made the inventory and billing system for N.K. Engineers as my third year project which manages the stock of raw material, products, raw material under processing. Your kind help make this possible. I am always trying my best for my better performance. Your help becomes too much helpful in my study. I hope that you are happy with my performance and you will continue this help. Thank you very much.”
- Happy Student
“My parents and I are very grateful for the Scholarship amount paid by you. (Rs. 30,000/-) It is indeed a great help to me to meet the cumbersome expenditure of college fee and other expenses. As you are aware, in spite of getting 91% in Science subject I could not secure admission in Govt. college. It was not a choice to go for admission in the Self Finance College but by merit, having no other alternative. I am proud that there are people who care for others. This generosity has inspired me to follow your suit after completion of my studies; I too wish to serve the people, by extending help for education and health. May, God shower upon you all the favorable bounties for this act of benevolence.”
- Happy Student
“I would like to thank you and let you know I appreciate your helping hand in taking care of needy students. With your help I had successfully completed my Master of Science with first class. With God’s grace, I have been offered a PhD directly at Vallabh Vidhyanaar. It was really hard for our family to fulfill the study demand of four students studying in English medium because of our situation. But you helped us to complete my higher education. Thank you for such support. I would try to live up to your expectation.”
- Happy Student
“I thank you very much for the help given by you. I got job in ICICI Bank for officer in clearing department. I also thank you for kind favor shown by you in every respect of my study. You really helped me in my hour of need. I have completed my post graduate (MBA) with 68% again. I thank you very much for help given to me and your kind wishes for my bright career. I shall always remember you for the kindness of yours.”
- Happy Student