Sponsorship Form

It is extremely important to know that ALL sponsorship monies collected go directly to fund the child's education and related needs. PEH DOES NOT deduct anything from your donation for any kind of administrative expenses. 100 cents on the dollar directly benefit the child!! Your contribution is tax-deductible.
Pennies for Education and Health Funding Levels *:
  • Elementary School - $100/year per child
  • Middle School - $150/year per child
  • High School - $250/year per child
  • College Level - $300-500/year per child
  • Vocational Training for Women $200/year per woman
* These are estimated costs of educating children, at various levels, in India. Any surplus of funds is placed in the general fund. Any shortages are supplemented from the general fund.
Thank you for your interest in supporting our work.
Please donate online https://pehchildren.org/donate/ or by check