About Us

Empowerment through education and good health.

Established in 2003, Pennies for Education & Health (PEH) works towards empowering a new generation of children and their families, primarily in the developing world, through education and good health. Through our donor sponsorship program, you can transform the lives of these children and their families by helping to tackle the root causes of poverty. Our program extends to all people, regardless of faith, gender, or ethnicity.

Additionally, PEH provides for their health care needs through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated medical supplies and other resources. PEH also supports numerous health institutions in India including Gujarat Cancer Society, The Polio Foundation, Ummeed and The Maternity Hospital.

PEH also provides programs to empower women, by providing them with basic life skills as well as employable skills. Our pledge is to use 100% of all donations that we receive to directly support our programs as well as the promise that any child who starts a sponsored education will receive funds until their education is completed!

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The Growth of PEH

  • 2003 - 40 Children Supported

  • 2004 - 140 Children Supported

  • 2005 - 215 Children Supported

  • 2018 - 6,846 Children Supported